Special Orders and Item Requests

While all standard items in our store are in stock, available for immediate dispatch and will be sent the next business day from Innisfail Qld, we also offer "Special Orders".

Many online stores will list a large catalog for purchase while only holding some, or even no stock on hand and will simply order the items in or dropship them without making it known that they do not have the items for immediate dispatch. 

At Naa Gear we want to be upfront and give the best service to our customers.

In order to offer items we do not currently have on hand for immediate dispatch, we offer certain items for "Special Order".  These items will state that they are a special order and an approximate delivery timeframe. (usually within 21 days). 

Special Order items will be discounted at a generous rate to compensate for the wait time to receive your order.

Once the items are available for dispatch, we will contact you.  Your item will then be sent from Innisfail Qld and tracking information provided.

You can also request an item we do not have listed and we will check availability for you and offer the best price (we can order most knives as long as they are legal).

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